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DSC Clan Regulations

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DSC Clan Regulations

Post by DankDeagleZ420 on Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:24 am

1. All DSC personnel are to be in uniform at all times (includes game and profile uniforms) unless instructed to do otherwise by the correct authority.

2. Address all CO's by their specific rank Title or honorific during Raids, Meetings and any Boot Camp Training. (Example: "Yes Captain" or "Yes Sir/Ma'am")

3. All members must obey their Commanding Officers at all times, failure to do this will result in your CO calling in NG to give you a Court Marshall date.

4. Always be respectful to all other DSC Members at all times.

5. No inappropriate behavior during Raids, Meetings or Boot Camp Training Sessions.

6. Always show professionalism in all Raids, Meetings and Boot Camp Training Sessions.

7. No T-Bagging during Raids, Meetings or Boot Camp Training Sessions.

8. No racist/ethnic or sexist jokes during Raids, Meetings or Boot Camp Training Sessions.

9. Respect the Blacklist and have no contact with any enemy or hostile clan(s).

10. Do not ask for promotions/rank ups, this could result in Demotion instead or Suspension.

11. Do not ask for multiple transfers within the Clan, 1 a month is the limit.

12. Do not enter a foreign game or a friendly game without checking for Blacklisted individuals or Hostile Clan members.

13. All DSC members in seperate Divisions must check their Rank Code with other members from other Divisions to see if they outrank each other. (Ex: JNCO-6 is Greater than E-5)

14. All DSC members can have friends who are in clans but must remember to keep DSC Clan Business out of the conversations.

15. All DSC members must sign up on the website within 3 months of joining the clan or their membership is terminated no matter what rank/position they hold.

* Failure to follow these rules/regulations will result in disciplinary action (i.e. demotion, membership termination, or other).

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