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DSC Dictionary

Post by DankDeagleZ420 on Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:03 am

Radio Silence: When called by a higher ranking member all other members lower in rank must maintain silence, Radio Silence is automatically activated when a Officer of Warrant Officer first Class or higher enters the game or lobby.

Assassination: All members who outrank you have the authority to assassinate you by order, this also means that those YOU outrank may be ordered by YOU to be assassinated, any failure to follow such and order and they must recieve a punishment. A member who ranks the same as YOU may have the choice of deciding to do it or not.

Formation: when the member with the highest rank enters the game and calls "Formation" all members are to get to the assigned or nearest preferred wall and get into a line shoulder to shoulder and not move, Radio Silence may also be called during this drill, this applies when a O-1 Ranked Officer or higher joins or for a briefing of what is about to happen.

Orders: All members who outrank you have the authority to order you to do something no matter what it is, failure to comply will result in punishment.

Transfer: A term used for members wishing to move from their current Division to another for either development reasons or because they want a fresh start, members must be promoted up by one rank upon their first ever transfer from their first Division to a new one.

Suspension: A member who violated a Rule in DSC may be told to not participate in activities from 1 week up to a year at most (more than 6 months must be sanctioned by a JCS Officer or higher)

Enlisted Staff Officer: The assigned member to control the Enlisted Tag and Division Tags, they are the one who also tallies up how many Enlisted members there are in the Division and reports the information to the Division Leader, they are technically third-In-Command of the Division.

Promotions: Given only when a members has either: increase of Competitive Skill, Recruited 1 or more individuals (Your call to promote them based on how many), and them understanding clan business and how it should be run.

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