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Starfleet Ranking Structure

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Starfleet Ranking Structure

Post by Dark Venalius on Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:24 pm

Starfleet Ranks and Abbreviations: (C1C or higher)

Punished Enlisted:

[E-0] Negative Recruit: NRCT


[E-1] Recruit: RECT

[E-2] 1st Week Cadet: 1CDT

[E-3] 2nd Week Cadet: 2CDT

[E-4] 3rd Week Cadet: 3CDT

[E-5] 4th Week Cadet: 4CDT

Junior Non-Commissioned Officers: 1 Month Tenure.

[JNCO-6] Crewmen 1st Class: C1C

[JNCO-7] Crewmen 2nd Class: C2C

[JNCO-8] Crewmen 3rd Class: C3C

[JNCO-9] Crewmen 4th Class: C4C

[JNCO-10] Crewmen 5th Class: C5C

[JNCO-11] Junior Chief: JCHF

[JNCO-12] Chief: CHF

[JNCO-13] Senior Chief: SCHF

[JNO-14] Master Chief: MCHF

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers: 2 Month Tenure.

[SNCO-15] Petty Officer 1st Class: PO1C

[SNCO-16] Petty Officer 2nd Class: PO3C

[SNCO-17] Petty Officer 3rd Class: PO3C

[SNCO-18] Petty Officer 4th Class: PO4C

[SNCO-19] Petty Officer 5th Class: PO5C

[SNCO-20] Chief Petty Officer: CPO

[SNCO-21] Senior Chief Petty Officer: SCPO

[SNCO-22] Master Chief Petty Officer: MCPO

[SNCO-23] Master Chief of Starfleet: MCSF

Warrant Officers: 3 Month Tenure.

[WO-1] Warrant Officer 1st Class: WO1C

[WO-2] Warrant Officer 2nd Class: WO2C

[WO-3] Warrant Officer 3rd Class: WO3C

[WO-4] Fleet Chief Warrant Officer: FCWO

[WO-5] Senior Chief Warrant Officer: SCWO

[WO-6] MAster Chief Warrant Officer: MCWO

Junior Officers: 4 Month Tenure.

[O-1] Ensign: ENSN

[O-2] Ensign Commander: ENC

[O-3] Lieutenant: LT

[O-4] Star Fleet Lieutenant: SFLT

Senior Officers: 5 Month Tenure.

[O-5] Lieutenant Commander: LTC

[O-6] Commander: CMDR

[O-7] Captain: CAPT

Flag Officers: 7 Month Tenure.

[F-1] Rear Admiral Lower-Grade: RALG

[F-2] Rear Admiral: RADM

[F-3] Deputy Admiral: DADM

[F-4] Commanding Admiral: CADM

Executive Chief of Staff: 9 Month Tenure.

[F-5] Star Fleet Vice Admiral: SFVA

Chief of Staff: 1 Year Tenure.

[F-6] Admiral Of Star Fleet: AOSF

Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Voted in by JCS.

[F-7] Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: CJCS

Vice President: Voted by All Members.

[F-8] Vice President: VP

President: Creator.

[F-9] President: PRES

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